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YAR27 Series Marine Radar

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  Reduction of clutter

Echoes received by radars usually contain various noises or clutters。 As marine radar, sea clutter and rain clutter, which is common in adverse conditions of rain, snow or fog, and the interference between radars, are the main noise or clutter sources。
Rain clutter creates a high return of noise-like reflections that effectively decreases the signal to noise levels within the radar receiver。 In addition, it creates an attenuation of the radar signal, which also decreases the signal to noise levels。 Both these effects reduce the target detection capability of a radar system。 Through unique and advanced algorithms, YAR27 series ARPA radars give out excellent target detection performance while using anti-rain clutter function。 See figures as below:

anti-clutter rain function

In addition, Through other complex anti-clutter technology, the clarity of radar image is clearly improved, see figures as below:

  Target Trails

The trails of the radar echoes of targets are displayed in the form of synthetic afterglow. it is very useful while distinguishing a moving target from, other stationary targets, especially when targets are surrounded by reefs ,use trail function properly will provide more safety for navigation.
Target trails are shown either relative or true and may be sea or ground stabilized。 True motion trails with ground stabilized won’t be affected by own ship’s motion, it’s very useful for the detection of moving targets。 The trail length of YAR27 series APRA Radar is between 15s-25min,and the afterglow can be selected in a single tone or gradual shading。 



                  ARPA, Automatic Radar Plotting Aid, automatically tracks automatically or manually acquired radar targets and calculates their courses and speeds, indicating them by vectors. In addition, according to the set of alert conditions, when there is danger of collision, an alarm will be gived to alert the driver to take avoiding action.
ARPA function greatly improves the navigation safety. The YAR27 radars can acquire a maximum of 100 targets.


YAR27 series APRA Radar supports 1000 AIS radar targets, Radar’s tracking algorithm is also effective for the AIS targets, the figure below shows AIS with radar echo. if an AIS is selected , you can get a variety of information about AIS target selected.